Sunday, January 9, 2011

How I met my Hubby

June 19, 1993.... I was 16... it was the summer after my sophomore year. I had made plans with a friend to go to Hurricane Bay Water Park at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. She canceled on me but my brother(who was going to take us) was getting ready to leave for basic training, so we decided to go ahead and go just me and him. I was floating around on a tube out in the deep end when caught my first glimpse of him from the back. He was reclining on a tube as well... He had dark hair, a dark complexion, and big muscular arms and shoulders. I thought to myself... "Please don't be ugly!"... he swirled around and was far from it. He had a couple of friends with him that he started horsing around with. I managed to attract their attention somehow... One of them pushed his tube into mine. We laughed... Then the waves started up. We both ended up getting washed down to the shallow end but his friends didn't. He glanced around a bit then asked me if I had seen where they went. We started talking and after a few minutes he said, "So when are you going to give me your number?" I replied, "When are you going to ask!" We headed for our chairs to get some cash. A few of my friends happened to be there... I was walking ahead.. Pointing behind me giving a thumbs up! Then we went to the snack bar to get a drink... And a pen and paper. I had to be at work at three so we parted ways.  He called me at work(Po Folks) the next night and picked me up that evening. We tried to find a movie to go to but they had all started. So we decided to drive up to Iroquois Park.  He started telling me about how he had went to college for a year then went into the army for 2 years AND he had been out for a couple of years.... I said, "Good Lord... how old ARE you?!".... he was like "why... how old are you?!".  He was 24... He thought I was 18 or 19...  I about died! So he took me home and I thought that would be it. He called the next weekend but I blew him off. Then again the next... But this time I agreed... I thought what the heck... he's hot! He took me to the Olive Garden. We found out that the age of consent is 16 in KY unless there is more than 8 years difference... There are 7 years and 11 months between us.  So we started dating. I lied to my mom about his age for the first 8 month but she eventually figured it out the same way I did but by then I was in love with him and so was she... I had done alot of screwing up my sophomore year and after I met Scott I straightened up and started thinking about my future. One night we were at a friends house hanging out in the hot tub. The song "Groovy kinda Love" was playing on the radio. I knew then and there I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this guy. After he left, my friend and I stayed up for hours... I had butterflies in my stomach and couldn't wipe the smile from my face.  When my brother graduated from basic I went to the ceremony with my mom in GA.  While there I wrote Scott a letter and told him I loved him for the first time. In February we broke up for the first and only time. It ended up being a good thing... It gave him time to realize that he never wanted to be without me again. This is when my first evolution happened. Scott never really proposed to me. We both just knew it was the next natural step. Being from a Christian family he knew I wouldn't/couldn't live with him without being married (at least not if we wanted my dad to pay for my college). So while on our way to Red Lobster one night in June of 94 with my family he says to me... "So do you want to go pick out a ring one day this week?" I nonchalantly said, "Sure".  And thats what we did.  We went to Dan's Pawn shop and I picked out a $600 1/2 carat ring. We originally picked a November 95 date (can't remember why). But as senior year spring break approached I had a choice to make. Go to Florida with my friends or go to West Virginia to meet Scotts family. I chose WV but my parents didn't want me to go on an overnight trip with Scott alone and unmarried. It just so happened that my 18th birthday was on the Saturday that started spring break. We got married  March 11, 1995... almost three months before I graduated from high school on my 18th birthday!  My mom offered to pay for the wedding or give us the money she was going to spend on one. I don't think she (or anyone else) really took our marriage seriously at the time. My SIL threw me my tiny shower and my mom didn't invite the slew of friends she invited to my sisters that she threw 4+ years prior.  We chose the cash prize and got married at the court house by a justice of the peace. My mom and dad came, and my moms best friend. My sister didn't bother to ask off work, my BIL brought my 6 mo nephew. One of my brothers stood up with Scott and brought my two nieces. Can't remember where my other brother was, (AIT in Texas maybe). One of my good friends stood up with me. I am reminded of the song "You're still the One" by Shania Twain... We beat the odds together.  Afterwards we visited my Papaw who was ill and then Scott took me to the Olive Garden again. We went every year on our anniversary for a long time.. But sometimes now we choose Red Lobster which is fitting as well.  We've been together almost 18 years and are about to have our 6th baby. Our marriage is stronger today than it has ever been thanks to finally letting God lead it. I don't believe in chance or coincidence. I know now that He guided my decision to still go to KK that day and that there were no accidents. That our wedding date was predetermined we just had to figure it out. Yes, I believe in free will but in Gods eyes this life has already been played out... He knows exactly where we're all going, we're just along for the ride. Sometimes we take detours when we don't follow our hearts but if we trust in Him we can get back on course.

Next up.... CPA to SAHM

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  1. OMG, this is so cool!!! Your kids are so lucky to be able to know the details of how you two met.
    BTW, Congrats on making it under the "8 year difference" limit. I laughed so hard I almost spit coffee :)