Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Career: CPA to RN to SAHM

My senior year I took a business class  and Co-oped at the Board of Education. I decided then to go to college to be a CPA. I took the summer off then started JCC in the fall to complete my gen ed. Meanwhile, Scott decided to go back to school himself. He enrolled at Louisville Tech. I waited tables at Steak n Shake and Scott changed tires at Sears.  In the spring of 97 we were flooded out of our tiny, one bedroom apartment. We began renting a cute little two bedroom house but it had NO central air. Scott graduated with an associates in mechanical design drafting and started working at Cardinal Aluminum for $10 per hour. I finished my gen ed on schedule, applied, and was accepted to UofLs school of business in the fall. I was sitting in my first class and the teacher asked everyone why they chose accounting. The guy before me said, "I chose it because it was one of the higher paid jobs at career day. I don't really like it but I'm almost done".  He was a couple semesters ahead of me. I felt my heart sink into the pit of my stomach. WAS this what I really wanted to do the rest of my life? Everyday 9-5? Sure I was good with numbers... But could I really sit behind a desk all day. I don't remember my response exactly but I choked down my fear. I decided to just concentrate on school.

On November 8th I got a big fat positive on a pregnancy test! I was suppose to be infertile... But that's another post. I enrolled for spring classes and decided to co-op for the tax season with Jackson-Hewitt.  You would think being pregnant I would be happy to sit all day instead of being on my feet. I was good at it. It just didn't feel right.  God had put my answer in my belly, I just didn't know it yet.  All I could think about was being pregnant and having that tiny newborn in that hot little house in the middle of the summer. My Papaw died in April and after 30 years in the same house, my parents decided to upgrade. After all this was going to be their 6th grandchild (eventhough we had lost one in 96.) The family was just getting too big for that house. They decided to rent it to us... My AC prayers had been answered.

My first was born June 30, 1998. We had saved up enough money for me to stay home for 12 weeks.  I decided to take the fall off from school as well. Around October I went back to work at Steak n Shake. Taking care of this little person let me know that I needed a nurturing career. In spring 99 I enrolled back into JCC to become a nurse. I got a job as a CNA at a private nursing home. I enjoyed the work.  With the credits I already had I was ready to apply, and was accepted into the program in the fall. Joshua was 13 months old. Up until that point I was working 12 hour shifts, at night, on the weekends so I could be home when Scott was at work. Clinicals were Monday through Friday during the day. We had to put lil man in daycare for the first time. I HATED IT! I couldn't do it. I decided my "career" would have to be put on hold. I'd keep working weekends until he went to school.

My best friend had moved to Winchester. It was about an hour and a half from Louisville. She was looking to buy a house there. I went looking with her. The houses were cheaper there, I thought, "Hey, we could afford one of these!" On October 23rd we signed a contract on a three bedroom, 1400sqft house. We didn't have jobs there yet but, it felt right. The house was still under construction so we had time. In December Scott interviewed, got hired, and started working for a company who subcontracted at Toyota for $15 per hour... 50% raise... Not too bad. Plus he was guaranteed 20 hours a week overtime for the first two years! That's $54,600 annually, almost triple what he was making. This was going to require him working 6, 10 hr days. If I got a job outside the home, I would have to have childcare for Joshua. I wanted a nurturing job... Why pay someone to take care of my child, to take care of someone else? Could God have made the decision any clearer this time? We closed on January 7th.  Scott only commuted for about 2wks. Both of our careers had taken a turn for the better.

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