Sunday, January 9, 2011

From the Beginning

It's so temping to jump to current events in my life because they excite me so much but I must resist. To understand the person I am today you have to know where I came from. I was born in 1977, the youngest of four to a stable family.  My parents are still married. My mom worked in the school system so she had our summers off and we vacationed.  My Dad worked at GE he would visit my mom family with us in LA but he opted out of the fun stuff. He loves us but has a hard time expressing it... plus he's a bit of a couch potato! We lived modestly in a tiny three bedroom house.  I didn't mind it, and never wanted for anything.  My mom and I butted heads majorly when I was a teenager.. makes me glad I have four boys and one girl so far.  Our relationship has grown since I became an adult.  We still have an occasional spat but are close over all. I was raised United Baptist, I guess you would say I am nondenominational at the moment. I threw together a rough time line of important events in my life from the time I was 16.

Past Timeline

1993-met Scott
1995-got married, graduated from HS, started college to be a CPA
1996-Tara(2.5 yo niece) died, told I was infertile(HA!)
1997-got flooded out, moved to Upper Hunters Trace, got pregnant
1998-papaw died, quit school, moved to Wilkie Rd, had 1st bb.
1999-Went back to school(2 semesters) to be an RN, quit again, moved to Winchester
2000-became SAHM, got preg again
2001-2nd born 1st natural birth, tried going back to work, preg again
2002-3rd born
2003-one semester at EKU
2004-attended Landmark, trying to conceive(clomid)
2005-still trying, another family tragedy, bad year, faith shaken,  attempted homeschooling
2006-still trying, continued bad year... Near divorce, turning point in marriage for the best
2007-preg again, 4th born, babymoon
2008-hawaii, attempted Mary Kay, Cambrey's diagnosis(6 yo niece), loss of faith
2009-preg again, moved to WV, 5th born
2010-Cambrey's relapsed then stopped treatment, regained faith, Cambrey died, Aunt Brenda died, attended Calvary, preg again!
2011-yet to b determined

My next post will be about me meeting Scott... for friends that were on my myspace it will be a repost with a few updates as well as a few others.


  1. Very cool. I'm looking forward to your next post. BTW, I like the name you went with

  2. You are an inspiration already!