Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sewing projects: Wraps

I've already blogged about this wrap once but I wanted to tell the story behind it as well. I went online to buy a gypsymama wrap. I ordered from their outlet which ends up being either a return or demo but saves you $20. I then started talking to a friend about it. She was saying that it was still out of her budget so I suggested she go on Etsy.com and look at the homemade ones. Why didn't I think of this for myself? I started looking too. Then I came across an article about how to make a wrap and found out the type of wrap I was getting (gauze) doesn't fray too much so you don't have to to anything to the hem unless you just want to. About this time I started kicking myself! The next day I got an email from GypsyMama telling me the wrap I ordered is no longer available. It must be a sign... Praise God. So canceled the order and went to the fabric store. They had some gauze 30% off but not a huge selection. Basically it boiled down to solid turquoise or fuchsia. Since I don't know what I'm having, I choose turquoise. Plus I knew I wanted to split the fabric and give one to a friend who is having a boy. I was hoping to find a striped pattern, this seemed really plain and boring. So I started looking at other fabrics that I could use to make a pocket on the wrap. It would mark center and be useful! I decided I would try to put a zipper on the pocket as well. I spent all of $30 and jad enough stuff to make two wraps with pockets. When I got home I started looking at my ring sling that has a zipper pocket on it. Then I started thinking about the pillow blanket my mom made my son. I thought it would be neat to be able to store the wrap inside and make kind of of a pillow out of it. So I had to make sure the inside if the pocket had a finished lining. This was the result.

 I decided I wanted a short wrap too, mostly for doing the Hip Cross Carry later on (when I'm not preggers). It ended up being a tad bit shorter than I wanted. I wanted this color because we are going to Myrtle Beach shortly after the baby is born and I am going to be doing some beach photos. Ive got a lot of ideas for this wraps versatility! I wanted 4 yards but they only has 3 and 5/8ths left. Luckily I'm tiny! I tried to do a regular rucksack with Raiden but he never cooperates for it. I decided to try a Short Cross Carry and then maneuver him onto my back. This was attempt number 2. The first time I tried the knot was too far around my back so I couldn't adjust it. It was also a little hard not to get my shirt all twisted.  Once I got everything situated though, it was quite comfortable for both of us! I should also be able to the Kangaroo Carry with it.

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  1. nice story, i enjoyed learning how you came about your idea for your own wrap. i think it is a super cute wrap and i love how it folds into the pocket to store!