Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sewing Projects: Cloth wipes and swiffer cover

Summer and I also decided that the babies shouldn't be the only ones getting their most delicate parts wiped with soft flannel! I looked into buying some family wipes but decided, Nah, I can make them! I didn't even look up how most people do it. I knew most were made with sergers which I  don't own. I decided to not even fool with the sewing machine at all.  I bought a half yard each of two different, but coordinating fabrics. Instead of deciding ahead of time a size, I divided the fabric in half one way and in thirds the other. After squaring up the fabric, and joining two pieces together, they ended up being roughly 5 1/2 X 8.  We are only using them for #1 so we didn't need them to be big.  Plus they ended up being a good size for the napkin holder I ended up buying to keep them in. I joined three sides together inside out using a running stitch. Flipped it out pressed it, then closed the open end with a blanket stitch. They've been washed and dried several times now and are holding up great! BTW... If your wondering we were already keeping the diaper pail in the bathroom near the toilet so this is not a hard transition. We have switched our regular TP to 100% recycled, White Cloud.

I got some birdseye cotton unpaper towels (napkins). I also bought two packs of microfiber clothes for regular cleaning. It came with one for glass, stainless, bathroom, and wood. I decided to turn one of the wood ones into a cover for my swiffer.

I'm feeling cheaper... I mean greener by the minute!

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