Sunday, February 9, 2014


Okay... I am going on a rant... I am so tired of logging onto Facebook everytime the weather is bad to see people complaining about being forced into close quarters with the children that God has blessed them with, and that I know they love dearly. It feeds into the societal perspective that children are a burden and are to be avoided. I believe that most of it is a mob mentality... Once everybody starts saying it... You start believing it... And YOU make it a reality.  One person complains, then another and another... Then it becomes something to dread. Not because you really don't love your kids or enjoy spending time with them, but because this is the mind set you've chosen to have. The REAL inconvenience may be lost wages or... Well.... I can't think of another... But you project these things on to your kids. What about all the mothers out there who have lost children or have been unable to have them at all? What they wouldn't give to be snowed in with the ones that they mourn. Your words affect other people's hearts. Some of you have children that read your words. How are they to feel? Or they see and hear your reaction to yet another snow day. Of course they are beginning to actually WANT to go to school... Would you want to spend an entire day in a house where you are made to feel you are not wanted? CHANGE YOUR MINDSET AND YOU'LL CHANGE YOUR WORLD. Get excited about every unexpected moment and you'll learn to enjoy them.