Saturday, December 8, 2012

Minor incidences...

Over the years we have made a few trips to the ER but luckily none have ever been serious. The 1st was when Joshua was close to a year old. My sister had a fireplace in her basement with a brick hearth that was about foot tall and he fell into it. I took him to an immediate care center.

 Just before his fourth birthday we were in the backyard on the patio... he was running aroung his little pool and slipped and hit the frame right on a bolt of the adult swing I was sitting on.
He also broke his finger falling off the end of a futon in our garage once. I also had to take him to the ER once for falling on the back of his head... he was very combative ans screaming holding his head saying "I can't take it"

Jacobs first injury came from jumping off the top of a six foot ladder I was using in our garage to put Christmas decorations away. He was almost two.

Right after his second birthday he ran into the corner of the wall in the hallway and busted his face.

 Summer has been my accident prone one even-though she hasn't broken anything or had stitches her 1st accident was falling out of her high chair. She passed out in my arms when I picked her up and I took her to the ER
On the day of Jacobs 4th birthday party she fell of the bathroom sink and hit her head. She threw up once after we has gotten to Gatti-town but we just kept an eye on her. Another time she fell off the monkey bars in our backyard and knocked herself out then starter puking. I t took her to the ER she continued to throw up there but they sent me home and said to bring her back if the vomiting got excessive... She threw up 3 more times on the way home and kept it up when we got home so I took her back... she was fine though. She passed out on Scott once too. We have come to the conclusion that passing out and puking are just her body's nature response to pain/stress. Recently she got her finger kicked and tore the tendon, developing mallet finger. She's been in a splint for over three weeks now.

Ronan fell and hit his nose on the base of an old metal swivel kitchen chair when he was two.

Last Mothers day he broke his collar bone.

So far Raiden and Sierra are injury free except minor bumps and bruises.

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  1. When my 2nd son was about one, he'd been walking a few weeks, we had just moved to a new house with hardwood floors and a big backyard with a concrete deck. he fell in the house playing with a little chair, and got a scratch across his neck and face. then he was in the back yard playing with a ball and fell got a goose egg on the right side of his forehead from hitting the concrete. two days later he was playing in his little Cozy Coop car and he fell getting out of it and got a big goose egg on the left side of his forehead. That night he was playing with my car keys and scratched his face. ALL IN ONE WEEK.
    My ex picked him up for his visitation, and said his head needed to be checked out, took him to the hospital and they called child services. My ex said all these injuries had incurred while he was under my care. They sent a worker to my house the next day and said they were giving temporary emergency custody to his grandmother ( my ex's mom) pending court proceedings. The next day while I was at work, i got a phone call from a detective saying they'd just detained my older (4 y/o) son at large from his preschool, and they would be placing him in temporary emergency custody of his father (who lives 3 hrs away and never sees him.) Keep in mind my older son had no medical history of any injuries what-so-EVER and he didn't have any visible bruises, marks or scratches anywhere on his body.
    They took my boys with a social worker, myself and there fathers ( they have different dads) to this Dr.'s office where they did full "thorough" exams to access there level of abuse and neglect. These exams were humiliating to myself and my oldest son especially. Spreading there butt looking at there privates taking pictures under bright lights, asking them all these questions about does your mommy ever touch you here? does your mommy ever hit you? If you do something wrong, what does your mommy do to you? what does she say? Do you take showers with your mommy or by yourself? I was allowed to observe the interview from behind a window.
    Within 42 days 3 separate exams for each of the boys & 3 court hearings they fully revoked my parental rights over both the boys and awarded full legal physical custody to each of their fathers. One of which never even had his name on the birth certificate.
    This was almost 18 months ago. I'm just now eligible to file an appeal and repetition custody. Please be careful posting these pictures and info on your site. There are people out there who LIVE just to make reports about these kinds of things. Losing my boys is the hardest thing I've ever had to face in my entire life. I'm allowed one hour once a week supervised visit with each of them, and every attorney I've spoken to says that my chances of getting even partial custody are slim to none.