Saturday, August 11, 2012

Early Empty Nest

Long time no blog... I can't really say I haven't had time to blog or that I haven't had anything to blog about... I just haven't. I actually wrote a couple I never published. A lot has happened in the past year and hopefully I can get all caught up in the the next few months.

The last time I posted about co-sleeping we were still living in West Virginia so we've transitioned a few times since then.  Raiden, who was such a great sleeper before, started climbing out of his pack n play while we were staying at my moms last summer. It was really hard because Sierra was a newborn... I was very sleep deprived. My bassinet comes off of its base and the bed I slept in there had a foot board... I put it at the foot of the bed... Raiden on one side of me and Ronan on the other most nights.

After about six weeks we got into our new house, for two weeks  we slept on air mattresses until Scott could get back to WV for our furniture. We had two queens in our bedroom for me, Scott, and 3 little ones. We decided it was time for us to upgrade to a king size bed  a few weeks later. Raidens eczema was getting worse and worse. We took him to an allergist and found out he had a lot of food alleries. His sleep was awful.

Our new house has four bedrooms. Joshua and Summer started out in their own rooms. Jacob was sort of sharing with Ronan. Sierra would start out the night in her bassinet but like my others before her, once she woke up for a feeding she just stayed in the bed with me. For a while Scott slept in in the boys room so we didn't have to worry about toddlers in the bed with a newborn.

I felt bad that Sierra and I had a king sized bed to ourselves though. We started getting the little boys to sleep on the couch since it is right outside of our bedroom.

After Christmas, Sierra was rolling and crawling too much for me to fall asleep with her in my bed. I would lay her back down after each feeding in her crib next to our bed. Raiden would wake up quite a bit because of his eczema too... it was exhausting.

We then decided to get another crib and move Sierra to Summers room so we could let the little boys back in our room. I took the rail off of the crib in our room and sidecarred it with our bed for Raiden. Plus we had Ronan in there too. At first Sierra wasn't quite sleeping through the night. I spent many nights on the couch so that I didn't have to get woken up by her and Raiden all night.
Ronan is getting ready to turn five. I felt it was time to encourage him out of our bed. We got him so sleep on the couch a few nights but he kept wanting to come back in. I think part of it was jealousy that Raiden was still in our room. I decided to put the bunk bed back together in Jacob's room... and we have a mattress that goes under the lower bunk that can be pulled out like a trundle. Joshua was using the other bed... we got the futon out of the garage for him. Tonight is the fifth night the three boys have share a room and Scott and I have slept by ourselves ALL NIGHT.

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