Wednesday, June 29, 2011

House Hunting

When we bought our last home we thought/hoped we'd never move again. The first day we went looking I was in tears because I didn't like ANY of the houses. When we found one we liked, we didn't like the neighborhood. We thought about building, but couldn't stay at Scotts Grandmas that long (long story). The house we ended up getting, we had tried to see before, but couldn't get in. I had almost forgotten about the place. I knew when I walked in... It was the right place. We negotiated a little and borrowed for some updating. We spent months fixing the place up. The first couple of weeks were brutal. Raiden was a month old at this point and my mom came up to help. I busted my rear, hardly sleeping at all, to take advantage of the time she was there. It ended up being about 3 weeks. That was part of the reason I wanted another baby. I didn't feel like I really got to cherish each moment of his newborness, like you should with your last. It took 6 months to get to a stopping point. We quit for a while, then started finishing up when I got pregnant. 

After God blessed us with another baby, he decided we needed to move again. She was only 4 weeks old. So once again our life got chaotic with a newborn. Thank the lord my mom was already there. I wanted to take 2 full weeks after she was born to rest and just focus on Sierra. Even though Scott got laid off on day 10, I still took that time. 

We first contemplated staying at my moms lakehouse.  Once we found out Scott would be getting his old job back we decided that would be too far of a drive. So we are staying at my parents which is still an hour and a half commute for him. 

We started looking at short sales because unfortunately, it will probably take a long time for our other house to sell. The first one we looked at was horrible. And although it would have been a great location for me, in my best friends neighborhood, it would have been over an hour drive for Scott. 

We started looking in an area that would be 45min to an hour for him. We really liked the first house we saw there, it was plenty big enough. We decided to put in an offer. After we had signed the papers it occurred to me I should check the sex offender registry. There was a pedophile living on the SAME street!!! His victims were ages 7&9. I was devastated. But then I thought to myself... God has a plan... And this house isn't in it. 

The next one was okay. I loved the yard and the area but the house needed a lot of updating. I was going to bring Scott back to look at it but decided to expand our search a bit.  I tried a few smaller towns and didn't find anything then tried Lexington. A lot of houses in our price range showed up. I decided to get in touch with the realtor that was the buying agent when we sold our last house in KY. She is actually the woman who bought our houses sister and we became friends on Facebook. I know she is a Christian and thought God could help guide her. 

I knew big cities had a lot of pervs but it is ridiculous!!! I had asked our realtor about the neighborhoods we were considering. To be tactful she told me which neighborhoods were considered more desirable. I checked the zip code on the less desirable area and found 5 pages of sex offenders. The more desirable area... "only" had a page and a half! I plugged in each address to see how close they were and what they're charges were. The house I liked the best had one a little over a mile so a scratched it off the list. I prayed about it then decided to add it back on at the bottom.  There was a major road dividing the areas and even if you get a house without one for 100 miles, if your in a neighborhood, there's no guarantee one might not move in next week. I thought they couldn't live next to a school or park.  Apparently that's not true because there is one that lives right next door to an elementary school in Lexington. His victim was 11 years old!

We looked at 4 other houses first. Two I didn't like at all, two had potential but needed some work. I really didn't like either of the yards. Then we looked at my internet pick. It's smaller/cozier than ideal but, honestly, we weren't using a lot of the space we had in WV. I grew up in 1000 sqft with 3 siblings. This house is 1600 all on one level. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths. One of the things I was sad to have to leave behind was my whirlpool tub Sierra was born in.  Well this house has one almost just like it! Like the house I grew up in and the house I loved in WV, the master is in an addition. Although it's bigger, it kind of reminds me of the house I grew up in. The main difference will be that I intend to use the front room as a dining room instead of the back room in the addition, which will be the family room. The back yard is already completely fenced in. It had a one car garage that was converted to a workshop that Scott can use for a workout room. Another wired out building. A kids playhouse with a sandbox underneath, swing set, a place for a pool, and room for the trampoline. And... a little garden area, two apple trees and a pear tree.... for me!!!

I had Scott meet me back over there after work to look at it. He really liked it too, so we made an offer and the seller accepted!  Cosmetically, the house doesn't need any immediate work. I do plan to take up the carpet in the front room though, there are hardwood floors underneath. The inspector found some things but the seller has agreed to have it all taken care of before closing. We ordered the appraisal today. We are scheduled to close by the 25th of July, hopefully all the work can be done by then.  Or at least before school starts!

So is this our forever home Lord? I guess only time will tell. Am I still sure Sierra will be our last baby?... You'll have to ask Him about that too!!!

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