Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is what happens when you give up TV!

It wasn't really a huge conscious decision... It evolved. I always remember the Duggars saying that one of the good thing about not watching TV is that they aren't constantly fussing at the kids to be quiet and to not walk in front of the tv because my show is on. Now with the invention of DVR, that's really not too much of and issue, but still, I would sometimes catch myself doing the very same thing. Another problem would be that I would use naptime to catch up on my shows or end up staying up too late.
We decided back in  Nov/Dec that we were going to get rid of satellite to save money. We can still watch just about everything we watched before and more though the PC we have hooked to the TV. All of the networks except CBS are really good about having full episodes online and you can set up Hulu to work like a DVR. Between that, other channel websites like Disney, Nick, PBSkids, BabyfirstTV, and Netflix... There's never a shortage. But it was winter and most of my shows were on break. I found myself looking less and less for stuff for me to watch. I started going to bed earlier, eventhough I sometimes lie in bed and get online or blog, and using naptime to be more productive. We incorporated bible time into our routine at 8:00 when Raiden goes to bed which is the time in the evening I used to start watching TV.

When it came time to for my shows to start playing new episodes again, I had to stop and think. Is this really important? Does this benefit me or my kids? Do I NEED tv in my life? NO!!! Are there better things I could do with my time? Does it lessen any stress or cause less conflict for me not to watch? YES!!!

So what have I gained? First of all I don't miss it. We have been able to stick to our routine of bible time better without it. I "watch" my kids play more and interact with them more. Not that I never did before but I feel like I observe and get drawn in more. My house has been tidier and we have kept to our chore packs. I have been budgeting/couponing more. The first "hobby" I started was blogging. I do it more for myself than anything. I've always thought about keeping a journal but never did. I think it will be neat for me and my kids to go back and read these someday. It gives me an opportunity to share a little of things that are important to me and to maybe encourage someone else.

Then I started sewing. First diapers and covers, then wraps, then a dress. I'm planning to learn to hand embroider next.

So in essence, not watching TV has prompted me to explore more worth while hobbies. It has also lead to me saving even more money through my sewing projects. I'm sure this summer I will spend more time outside and hopefully explore more photography. I'm happier and feel more fulfilled. I've also started living greener. If I were still watching TV in the evenings I wouldn't be reading blogs and learning about products I never knew existed.


  1. I never would have even thought to sew diapers or covers! You never cease to amaze me!

  2. That's so great! We haven't had TV since we've been married (2.5 years now), and we really haven't missed it. Like you said, there's so much other stuff to do with your time! When I was student teaching and somehow or another my students found out that I didn't have TV, they would ask in amazement, "What do you DO?" It made me laugh, but also realize that it's a sad world that so many kids wouldn't know what to do if they didn't have the tube. I tell them that I talked with my husband, read books, played board games, cleaned, did lesson plans, etc... amazing how much more time you have without it, right? (Of course, now I spend hours reading blogs :))