Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let's go Couponing!!!

Thx to Misti's motivation, I picked up a Sunday paper today and went online and found a bunch of coupons. Between ads and coupons I've got a list together for our local grocery store Martins. I'll prob spend about $65 w/$45 in savings... 40% off groceries! Not bad for a beginner. 

My best find is Raisin Bran Cereal for $.60!!!! The store has it 2/$4 and i was able to print 2 $.70 off coupons from Kelloggs website which the store will double. 

Next would be 8 boxes of Poptarts and 6 boxes of cereal for $17... Roughly $1.22 a pc. The store has kelloggs crunchy nut cereal 2/$5 and the redplum insert in the paper had $1 off. I'm getting a second coupon from Scotts grandma, then the store also has kashi cereal 2/$5... Which Scott loves and our Walmart has stopped carrying for some reason so I'm getting 4 boxes, then... The store has poptarts 2/$4 and I printed 2 $1 off 3... The store also has a deal where if you buy 7 of these products, you get $5 off your purchase... Since I'm doing everything twice for a total of 14 items... I get $10 off! 

Other stackables are $1 off coupon for meatballs they have on sale and $.50 off 2 fruit rollups they have 2/$4.  

They also have B1G1 on dole salad blends, Tyson nuggets, bread, and chips that we use all the time anyway. 

Just on sale they have Ragu and Texas toast to round out a couple of spegetti dinners that will end up costing about $8 per meal for spegetti with meatballs, salad, and Texas toast! And we will have leftovers! How great is that for a family of 7!!!!! 

I'm also getting 5 12pks of coke products for $10. $20 worth of Eucerin products for $10. And crest pro health rinse for free, All at CVS using their extra bucks program. 

I subscribed to the Sunday paper and follow pennypinchinmom to find online coupons and I signed up for a free trial of All You Magazine from Walmart that is suppose to have a lot of coupon in it. I will print/clip all the coupons I'll use, but file them until they are on sale somewhere or about to expire. Since we have came up with such an awesome chore schedule, I'll have time every Sunday... Our day of rest.... To coupon. Here's to saving money!!!!!!


  1. not sure how you are organizing your coupons but i have found a 3 ring binder with plastic "baseball card" pages works great. I always hated those little coupon holders because i had to go through all the coupons to find what i wanted. with the baseball pages i see everything so much better.

  2. I haven't really gotten "organized" yet... I don't have a lot of coupons yet... I'm kind picky about what I shop for... So right now they are just shoved in a folder. Penny pinching mom has some suggestions. I just need to figure out what will work best for me.